Team Coast drops Frigoleet and steffstyle

Dota 2 Shantanu “Xylein” Rai

After a string of poor performances, Team Coast has decided to part ways with two of their members: Frigoleet and steffstyle. Their replacements are yet to be announced.

Team Coast recently made an announcement on their official Facebook page that they will be relinquishing the services of Jesper "Frigoleet" Gothe and Staffan "steffstyle" Solin. This leaves Team Coast with two support roles vacant in their roster. The management also mentioned that the decision was made, owing to their "recent performance", in order to "improve results". The future plans of the two players or their replacements in Team Coast remains unknown as of now. Notably, both Frigoleet and steffstyle have stood in for 4FC in the last few matches that the team has played.


This is the statement made on Team Coast's Facebook:

"Coast Dota 2 Roster Change Announcement: Jesper "Frigoleet" Gothe and Staffan "steffstyle" Solin have stepped down from the starting roster effective today. The team would like to thank Frigoleet and steffstyle for their time with the team, and wish them well. Coast is currently trying out players for these positions, and will announce the replacements once a decision has been made."


The former squad of Team Coast

The Swedish team was formed on May, 20th when Coast picked up the former Monomaniac eSports squad. The team looked promising in the first few weeks registering wins against strong teams. Their major claims to fame were winning the first Golden Esports League and finishing fourth in the European qualifiers for The International 4. However recently, their performance had deteriorated considerably which is what probably led to this roster change.


The current roster of Team Coast:
Denmark Sebastian 'solen' Kjär (C)
Sweden Joel 'Apemother' Larsson
Sweden Eskil 'eskillz' Sundblad

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