The International Pubstomps: feature inbound

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Join our editor Frederick 'Winterequinox007' Benjamin as he takes a closer look at three different pubstomps in different locations internationally, providing exposure on what pubstomps are like in different countries.

Focusing on pubstomps in Singapore, Toronto, and Melbourne,  the aim of the feature is not only to provide exposure to these events, but to provide an experience of what it is like to those who were not able to attend their local pubstomps.

With the events ranging from a true blue LAN party to a cinematic viewing experience, a taste of The International atmosphere will be brought to you if you could not attent the events personally.

Pubstomp #1: LAN Party/The International viewing event, Singapore.

Hosted by Daniel 'P5yche' Chng, and Lynette 'aSphyXiA' Tan, the Colosseum's Pubstomp theme revolves around what they do best: Gaming. Setting up a LAN party with The International viewship on a large HD projector screen, this LAN party embodies the true spirit of gaming with community games, whilst watching The International.

Featuring many community for-fun games within the cyber café, giveaways, a rewards system for gamers, this LAN shop plays host to one of Singapore's two pubstomps. The true spirit of gaming is kept alive by the various hosts and entertainment present, with Captain's Mode and Solo-Mid games, and a points system that rewards you with merchandise and gaming peripherals for your wins over others.  

Held from between 18th July and 22nd July, the Pubstomp will be an overnight event with simple food and energy drinks, with an entry fee for those who wish to participate in the games. Entry is free for those who wish to spectate only, with a mini 'Secret Shop' set up for those who wish to purchase Dota 2 merchandise.

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Pubstomp #2: A True Blue Pubstomp, Crown Casino, Melbourne.

As we travel deeper down into the Southern Hemisphere, the Pubstomp hosted by Win Meng 'KYUCHII' Tan takes the second spot in our feature article. Held at the Lagerfield in Crown Casino, Melbourne, this viewering event embodies the true spirit of pubstomps with food, beer, DJs, raffle giveaways, allowing you to bet on the team finalists in The International.

Catered towards the young adults, this event is 18+ only, with a 450 plus crowd being expected to turn up at the venue to watch the Grand Finals of The International on 21st to 22nd July, on their 11 TV screens and one mega screen. Entry fee for this event is priced between $32 to $45 per person, with access to an area exclusive mini 'Secret Shop', where Dota 2 merchandise can be purchased.

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Pubstomp #3: For-Spectating Viewing Gallery, TIFF, Toronto.

This venue hits closer to The International's home in Seattle. The final spotlight of the pubstomps feature is Toronto, Canada. Using the Toronto International Film Festival's Bell Theatre, this upscale glorified viewing gallery venue choice is the brainchild of Helios Esports' Inah 'chibibsta' Antonio, and Jimmy 'JnT' Tran.

Home to Jacky 'EternalEnvy' Mao, Toronto is the base of Helios Esports' base of operations as well. Featuring the obligatory raffle and mini 'Secret Shop', what sets this Pubstomp apart is their autographed Cloud 9 merchandise giveaways, cosplayers on the red carpet, and a fantastic screen to watch spectacular Dota in.

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Calling all attendees of the above pubstomp: Looking for volunteer interviews!

The International Grand Finals, Seattle 2013

Calling all attendees of the above pubstomps, we're currently looking for volunteers to interview regarding your pubstomp experience, atmosphere, and about the event in general. We'll feature your interview in the upcoming feature article if we interview you, so keep a look out for that!

It's the holy grail of The International 4 coverage!

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