Arrow Gaming settles US visa issues after reapplication

Dota 2 Ren “Ren” Vitug

(L-R) Xiangzaiii, Lance, MoZuN and ddz

The International 4 SEA qualifier winner Arrow Gaming suddenly found their TI trip in jeopardy as four of their players had their US visa application denied. 

After having the US visa application of four out of their five players denied, TI4 SEA qualifier winner Arrow Gaming can now relax as the reapplication gave positive results.

Aided with more supporting documents from Valve and backed by Malaysia's Minister of Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin, Arrow Gaming exited their final interview scheduled today with smiles on their faces. The four members of the team who failed to acquire a visa during the first try all had theirs accepted. Together with Johnny, the team now has US visa for all its members.

The Malaysian team, one of the only 2 SEA teams this coming The International, has been on a slump since their application was denied more than three weeks ago. They had a bad stretch which saw the team give out dismal performance against teams like Titan, Scythe and Invasion. This positive development has seemed to encourage them, as they were victorious on the tournament which was set a day before their second interview.

Last year, then Orange eSports offlane player Chon Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo also failed on his first attempt but was able to acquire a visa on his second.

CIS, the runner-up from the CN qualifiers and TI4 wildcard contestant, also had problems with their visa. They will be re-applying, but no update has been made yet. 

Source: Arrow Gaming's Facebook

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