Cty to stand in for Kaka for HyperGlory Team

Dota 2 Allen “snarkbearkai” Moseley

HyperGloryTeam announced earlier today that Cty will be standing in for Kaka while he recovers from several health issues. HGT recently defeated Vici Gaming in the WVW National Esports Professional League to win their first Dota 2 championship.

HyperGloryTeam has recently announced that Chinese player Tianyu "Cty" Chen will be standing in for Kaka.HGT. Kaka, the middle lane player for HGT, is facing health problems and has returned to his hometown to ensure a full recovery. Cty, a former player of Vici gaming, will be taking the middle lane role. Cty left Vici Gaming in August last year, after which he joined RisingStars. However, the team soon after disbanded and he was rumored to have switched to League of Legends.

HGT is currently competing in WPC-ACE and The Summit qualifiers. Whether this affects their performance, remains to be seen. 

View the announcement here on HGT's official Weibo page.