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syndereN, Ryze and Link hanging out at DreamHack Winter 2011

It's been a long wait in the wake of the bumpy ride that mousesports had at the International 2013, but the new roster has finally been announced, retaining only Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen from their old lineup.

The new additions come in form of familiar faces from Danish Team Life, making the new mouz fully Danish as well. While the Danes have been relatively quiet over the past year due to various lineups that did not quite have the backing to try to play professional Dota 2 full time, the talent certainly is there.

Many will remember the early days of Dota 2 and the Monkey Business squad, which featured both Sylvester 'Link' Hoelgaard and Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther, taking on the likes of Na`Vi during their post-TI1 dominance. Since then, no player has quite reached the level of play that they displayed at this time.

Link's brother, Marcus 'Ace' Hoelgaard first came to our attention with 3DMax, the promising young Danish squad which managed to take games off of some big team names before disbanding due to roster issues.

And finally, Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen came up with the We haz Asian squad which is best remembered for winning the Samsung European Encounter together with Kai 'H4nn1' Hanbueckers, defeating syndereN's mTw lineup at the event.

The new squad will likely see Link heading to the safelane carry position with syndereN taking up mid and Ace playing the offlane, leaving Ryze and Cr1t to play the supports. In an unexpected turn of events, it looks like Ryze will be the drafter for the team at least to start with. The team has wished to convey that they no longer have any defined captain with this current lineup, but are splitting decision making across the team. This captainless approach is something which is unique to the new mouz lineup among major teams.

The squad will play their first official game under the new banner on the 21st of October at 18:00 CEST in the RaidCall EMS One, taking on Swedish Team Property in the opener of Group C.

Statement by Andreas 'cr1t' Nielsen

I'm very pleased to finally be able to say, that Link and Ace, aswell as Ryze and me, have joined syndereN under the mousesports banner. For Ace and me this will be our first signing, and I'm very happy that it's with such a well known and successful brand. Thanks to Hestejoe and NoiA for the time we've had together in team Life, it was well spent and also thanks to our sponsors BenQ, GeIL, XMG, Razer & Thortech for the great support!

Statement by Damir 'NeStlik' Dedic, mouz Dota 2 Coordinator

I'm excited and proud of the lineup that we have brought in to complete the new mousesports Dota 2 team. The players, along with myself, are grateful to join an organization with such a rich and longstanding history in the community as well as some of the most frenetic pro gaming supporters in the likes of BenQ, GeIL, XMG, Razer & Thortech. The partnership between us has been great so far and it is our hope that the fans will enjoy the new aggressive play style that we bring along with us.


mousesports official roster:

Denmark Sylvester 'Link' Hoelgaard
Denmark Marcus 'Ace' Hoelgaard
Denmark Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen

Denmark Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen
Denmark Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther

Source: mousesports