Empire smash RoX.KIS for a re-match against Na`Vi in SLTV VII

Dota 2 Johan “Sun_Tzu” Järvinen

Team Empire continued their run of good performances, taking two convincing wins against RoX.KIS and showing commanding form, which they will need to keep up if they are to find their revenge for their first round 2-1 loss to Na`Vi from only two days ago.

RoX.KIS exit the competition in fourth place earning $1,500 for their troubles, while Empire is now guaranteed at least $3,000 in winnings. The Lower Bracket Finals will follow directly after this game, as Empire take on Na`Vi in order to determine who will get to face off against reigning champions Alliance tomorrow, Sunday the 13th of October at 18:30 CEST.


Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3





Match report

Game one

Team Empire went for the offensive trilane, leaving their Doom on the top lane against Nature's Prophet. This meant that it was only a matter of time before the two teams would clash on the bottom lane. Five minutes in, Empire found their opening, picking up three quick kills and giving away one, only to see BzzIsPerfect playing the Storm Spirit rotating in from the mid lane, making the difference, and picking up a secondary kill for RoX and capping it off with a third on the chase, punishing Empire for overstaying their welcome.

A few minutes later on the top lane Scandal on the Elder Titan had found himself a Double Damage rune just as RoX decided to take the fight, which turned out horrible for them as the Natural Order caused them to take the Titan's full 300 damage hits, laying four kills strewn accross the battlefield with Empire following it up by pushing the Top Tier 1 Tower.

Minor skirmishes kept on going back and forth, with each team picking off heroes whenever they came out of position. What kept RoX in the game above all else were the efforts of Sedoy on the Nature's Prophet, who was able to split push and keep them ahead on the Tower score, finishing off all of Empires Tier 1 Towers while the mid Tier 1 was still left standing for the longest time for RoX.KIS.

At 20 minutes Empire went for the Roshan kill, forcing RoX to react, with the Storm Spirit and Lifestealer jumping into the pit, only to have Storm forced out and Empire counter-initiate with Earth Splitter and Fiend's Grip, taking the fight 4-1 and giving Silent's Troll Warlord the Aegis of Immortality.

Five minutes later at the mid lane Silent was a bit too far ahead of his team, causing him to lose his Aegis on the Radiant side of the river, only to have his team show up and allow for him to not only escape, but see them punish RoX for their insolence. As RoX retreated they lost their Chen, and two more as they tried to turn around and mount a defense of their Tier 2 Tower, ending up forfeiting the whole lane bar the Range Barracks. The one upside for RoX was that Sedoy meanwhile was able to split push down the bottom and top lane Tier 2 Towers, even as Mag on the Doom managed to come in for the deny on the top Tower.

At 29 minutes Empire were pushing down the top lane and managed to just mow down three of RoX heroes as they tried to put up a fight, resulting in the forfeiture of the top lane set of Barracks and putting Empire ahead by 26 to 11 kills at the half hour mark. As they pulled back in order to take Roshan, RoX were unable to even react in time, causing them to give up a free Aegis to Empire and losing two heroes as they tried to retreat away, which led to the 'GG' call at 31 minutes in.


Game two

Empire went into the Dire jungle before the opening horn sounded in order to ward up Chen's creep camps, only to run right into the RoX lineup who managed to come out on top of the engagement, taking the first blood and starting the game 2-1. This gave them a good position as Empire settled into their offensive trilane, up against the Weaver who was being supported by the pulling Naga Siren and the Chen ready to rotate in for kills.

Both teams were playing aggressive with the top lane being the focal point for all aggression early on. While RoX were slightly ahead from the start, they were unable to turn it into an advantage in these early fights, yet not losing considerable ground. The turning point came at around 13 minutes as RoX tried to initiate a fight with the Song of the Siren on the top lane, only to have VANSKOR on the Rubick steal it and turn it around, allowing them to disengage and then turn around, ending the engagement with their first measurable lead of the game, up 12-9 in kills.

At 16 minutes in, RoX went for the Roshan, securing the kill with another Song of the Siren and giving the Aegis to the Weaver. Still when the Song ran out they had no choice but to disengage, as Empire fell hard on them, taking out the Naga Siren and then backing off, still looking in control of the flow of the game.

At 21 minutes it looked like RoX had found the initiation they needed, catching two out at the bottom Tier 2 Tower only to have the Lifestealer and Doom turn things around on them, forcing RoX to try and disengage to no avail, as Empire picked up four kills with only the Weaver living at the end of the engagement.

At 25 minutes in Empire found an opening, taking out Naga Siren at the top lane and forcing a buyback, but there would be no time for the Naga to make it back into the fight in time. Empire took out all but one of RoX.KIS while losing only one hero in the process, pushing down the Tier 2 Tower and rotating down towards Roshan, where a few minutes later they were able to put a free Aegis onto the Doom.

At 28 minutes Empire took to the high ground on the bottom lane, only to be stopped in their tracks by the Song of the Siren, with RoX focusing down the Lina as soon as the duration ended. Still Silent was far too tanky, managing to stay alive in the midst of the RoX players for what seemed like an eternity while Empire got two kills, got a third kill, lost their Doom only for him to return and get another two kills, forcing out the 'GG' as Empire took a dominant victory, 30-14 after 29 minutes of play.