Netolic Pro League Season 4 West announced

Dota 2 Andreas “drouks” St

Netolic Pro League returns to the Western Scene, with eight teams being invited to compete for the $15.000 prize pool. The tournament is scheduled to take place from October 7 to November 20.

The European and NA squads will have the chance to test themselves once again in Netolic Pro League Season 4. The tournament features a $15.000 prize pool and promises more than a month of games between the eight invited participants, starting from October 7.

The first five weeks will include weekly best-of-three games with a Round Robin format, offering $1000 to the first team on the scoreboard each week. This is a twist in the tournament plot introduced by Netolic, attempting to encourage the teams to provide a high performance in their Round Robin games.

With the Round Robin stage of the tournament concluding, the tournament will enter the playoffs on November 16 - with the finalists battling each other in a Double Elimination bracket. The playoffs will end on November 20, with the Grand Final.

List of participants:
Europe Fnatic
Russia Team Empire
Denmark Team Life
United States Evil Geniuses
United States Dignitas

Live broadcasting of the matches will be provided by NetolicTV.
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