RedBull ECL groupstage ends, playoffs to begin tomorrow

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The groupstage of RedBull ECL has ended and eight teams will be moving onto the playoffs. The quarter-finals will begin at 06:00 CEST tomorrow followed by 1v1 tournament at 13:00 CEST.

With the conclusion of XPY versus Rattlesnake, four teams have been eliminated from the RedBull ECL and only eight teams remain in the tournament.

Of the 12 teams competing in the tournament, only DK came out undefeated as they top group B of the tournament while Invictus gaming finished first in Group A despite having the same score as LGD. This is due to ECL rules to have the match-up winner ranked higher than the loser.

Eliminated teams:

Europe LGD International
China Xiao Peng You
China Esports-MuXi
China Royal

XPY and Esports-MuXi, the two underdogs team coming into the tournament, struggled to find a win against the top teams and were win-less throughout the first three days of the tournament. Both teams settled for last place in their respective group. Han Ci' Hanci' Huang's new team Royal also did not perform well, winning only one game in the past three days.

While TongFu, Rising Stars, and Rattlesnake are all tied for second place, ECL has made the decision to seed TongFu second, Rattlesnake third and Rising Stars fourth. The reason for this seeding is due to time-rating.


13th July

05:00 - iG vs RisingStars
07:00 - Orange vs Rattlesnake
09:00 - Vici Gaming vsĀ  TongFu
11:00 - LGD vs DK
13:00 - ZSMJ vs fy
14:00 - Burning vs Mu
15:00 - CTY vs Mushi
16:00 - Ferrari vs Dai

The playoffs will begin tomorrow at the usual time of 05:00 CEST. The quarter-finals will be played in its entirety tomorrow while the semi-finals and the winner of the grand final will be crowned on Sunday. According to the schedule, ECL organizers have only allocated two hours per best-of-three and delays should be expected. As a result, the 1v1 tournament may also start a little later than the scheduled time.

Click here for more details of the 1v1 tournament including the players participating and rules.

Additional note: Each players have a microphone and everytime they speak, the whole arena can hear them. These are used mostly for taunting.

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