hyhy's retirement now official

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 18 September 2012 10:31

Photo Source: Zenith

Benedict 'hyhy' Lim Han Yong retires from competitive gaming. He leaves Zenith after a semi-successful The International, making this his second announcement of retirement.

His first retirement was back at the end of 2009, when Benedict 'hyhy' Lim Han Yong announced he would leave MYM and stop playing DotA competitively. Right after The International, hyhy already provoked speculations about himself retiring again.

Now hyhy has confirmed his plans. He is leaving his team Zenith, with which he managed to reach an honorable fifth place in Seattle. For next year, however, he leaves a backdoor open by stating "maybe you guys will catch me next year at TI3" in his announcement on his facebook page.

Statement hyhy:

"Like i mentioned briefly back at TI2, ive decided to retire from competitive gaming. Its nice to know that my absence will not go unnoticed, and i really appreciate all the heartfelt best wishes.

Zenith will continue raping under Captain Boxers, and who knows maybe u guys will catch me next year at ti3 if i feed icefrog enough money.

Thanks for everything friends.
P.s do continue supporting this page ppl. MYM HY SOUNDS SO AWESOME"

Source: hyhy facebook