Qualifier III: Virtus Pro, Telepathy2, New Age and Slayers join GosuLeague Division 3

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 August 2012 22:12

NS, Azen and Santa pop in with a full Russian lineup for last weekend's qualifier for GosuLeague Division 3 - they take one of four spots, with the other three going to Telepathy2, New Age and Slayers.

Have a team and you want to play in GosuLeague? Try your luck in the fourth qualifier taking place on Wednesday, August 15 at 18:00 CET.

Virtus Pro's run in the qualifier
Russia Virtus Pro > Turkey YouThinkYouGood?
Russia Virtus Pro > Romania Level Up Gaming
Russia Virtus Pro > Kazakhstan Almaty7272

Telepathy2's run in the qualifier
Russia Telepathy2 > Slovakia eEriness
Russia Telepathy2 > Germany causeWEcan e.V.
Russia Telepathy2 > Denmark Team Luskus

New Age's run in the qualifier
Sweden New Age > Poland Quit Job Go Pro Dota
Sweden New Age > Europe Win 4 Amti
Sweden New Age > France D&R

Slayers's run in the qualifier
Serbia Slayers > Macedonia Global Challengers
Serbia Slayers > Argentina BlacKene(|
Serbia Slayers > Poland cs Matters

GosuLeague Season 4 Division 3 (8/32)
1. Serbia 99%
2. Denmark Gamer University
3. Denmark monkeybusiness
4. Russia MDMA^
5. Sweden 4FC
6. Italy inFerno
7. Russia UrsaStroitHram
8. Europe MPGaming
9. Russia Virtus Pro
10. Russia Telepathy2
11. Sweden New Age
12. Serbia Slayers
13. Other TBD
14. Other TBD
15. Other TBD
16. Other TBD
17. Other TBD
18. Other TBD
19. Other TBD
20. Other TBD
21. Other TBD
22. Other TBD
23. Other TBD
24. Other TBD
25. Other TBD
26. Other TBD
27. Other TBD
28. Other TBD
29. Other TBD
30. Other TBD
31. Other TBD
32. Other TBD

The 32 teams will be divided into four separate groups as the fourth season begins.