GosuLeague: mousesports continue winning streak

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 10 July 2012 17:03

Last night witnessed the conclusion of three GosuLeague matches - frontrunners mouz claim their second win after edging out Copenhagen Wolves 2-0 while Na`Vi drew zNation in a hotly contested best of two match up in Division 2a.

Stream onlookers managed to catch the proceedings of what was meant to be a walk in the park for the Ukrainian powerhouse when they met zNation last night. However, the former decided to experiment with an innovative pick up of Rubick, Wisp and Clinkz, which unfortunately did not pay off for Na`Vi.

While they managed to stay in the game for almost sixty minutes on the back off impeccable teamfight coordination and a couple of clutch Black Holes stolen by Dendi's Rubick, zNation's Anti-Mage was slowly picking up farm that made him basically invincible during the closing stages of the game.

Ukraine Na`ViRussia zNation
lone druid enchantress chen
natures prophet lycanthrope invoker
chaos bounty hunter
pugna broodmother
dark seer wisp rubick
queen of pain leshrac enigma
sandking clinkz
windrunner anti mage

With not much left in the running for Clinkz after Anti-Mage purchased an Abyssal Blade and was able to pick him off without a buyback, Na`Vi tasted bitter defeat in the first game, despite promptly fighting back to equalize in the second game and sharing one point with zNation.

Standings Division 1
1Germany mouz2 200+14
2Kazakhstan NEXT.kz101001
2Sweden Keita101001
2Russia M5101001
2Denmark Wolves 2011-11
6Ukraine Darer000000
6Europe HelloMoto 000000
8Europe mTw1001-10

The remaining Playday 2 matches for Division 1 will go live in just under an hour so stay tuned for more action right here on GosuGamers.

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