Three preponed games before GosuLeague playday 2

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 09 July 2012 17:41

First playday is not even fully completed with Darer still having to play HelloMoto, but the second playday in GosuLeague is already on its way. In the three divisions, three games are preponed to this Monday.

Three games of the playday 2, which is originally scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, had to be preponed. mousesports is playing Copenhagen Wolves today at 19 CET. mousesports is the only team winning both matches in its match against mTw on playday 1. Will mouz defend the lead in GosuLeague division 1? Sheever will cast it and bring it to your livigin room this evening.

Sheever and Purge casting at the same time on Monday

In division 2A, one of the top matches of the season are preponed. Na'Vi, just like mouz a participating team of the StarLadder finals next weekend in Kiev, is playing zNation in a best-of-two. Both teams won their initial games and can take the lead in division 2A in this round 3 match. This match will be casted by Purge and is also scheduled for 19 CET.

The third and final preponed match is 404 Not Found against team Empire. It will be played parallel to the other two games, also at 19 CET this Monday. Team Empire started the July season of GosuLeague with a 2-0 victory, while 404 lost the first set of matches against team Kaipi.

GosuLeague Playday 2 Schedule
Division 1
Germany mouz9 Jul, 19 CETDenmark Wolves
Europe mTw10 Jul, 22 CETEurope HelloMoto
Kazakhstan NEXT.kz10 Jul, 18 CETRussia Moscow 5
Ukraine Darer10 Jul, 22 CETSweden Keita
Division 2A
Czech Republic iNfernity11 Jul, 18 CETRussia zNation
Sweden Infused11 Jul, 20 CETSweden EVODOTA2
Germany Pure Hard10 Jul, 20 CETUkraine Na'Vi
France Baguette11 Jul, 18 CETJordan ZHOME
Russia zNation9 Jul, 19 CETUkraine Na'Vi
Division 2B
Germany uebelst11 Jul, 18 CETEurope Kaipi
Russia mansing11 Jul, 20 CETGermany WhA
Portugal 4049 Jul, 19 CETRussia Empire
Belarus PowerRangers11 Jul, 20 CETEurope Super!!

On Tuesday, four matches will be played, including the division 1 matches against Moscow 5, Darer against Keita Gaming and mTw against HelloMoto. The Wednesday is up to now a complete division 2 day, with six games being scheduled with only two hours difference.

More information: GosuLeague Div 1, GosuLeague Div 2