LIST: GosuLeague Season 3 participants

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 04 July 2012 23:38

The GosuLeague actors are set to kick off the third season. With HelloMoto defeating uebelst in yesterday's tiebreaker, and as we just saw eVoDota2 and Kaipi clinch the last spots for Division 2A and B respectively, the teams you will see a lot more of in season 3 are the following.

GosuLeague \ Season 3 \ Division 1
Europe mTw
Germany Mousesports
Ukraine Darer
Sweden Keita Gaming
Russia Moscow 5
Denmark Copenhagen Wolves (NEW!)
Europe HelloMoto (NEW!)
Yesterday's victory over all-German uebelst gamynG secured the Europe mix quintet HelloMoto a spot in the premier division in the third season of GosuLeague.

The upcoming season will have your favourite teams from last season duke it out with not only HelloMoto, but also the newcomers Copenhagen Wolves as the Danish side sailed through the second season of Divison 2A undefeated.

32 teams who joined today's qualifier was after a bit over five hours down to only two. The Swedish trio in eVoDota2 along with Serbian Gasha and German blablafu stood as victors in the first semi final over We haz Asian which earned them a spot in Division 2A.

The other side of the qualifier brackets ended with Kaipi defeating Team Licious with a rather close 40-minute game with 25-15 in kills. While we will treat you with some VODs from the most interesting games of the qualifier later, head over to the 5 hour long streaming session with Sheever and Denied to get a full recapture of today's qualifier.

GosuLeague \ Season 3 \ Division 2A
Sweden Team Infused
Czech Republic iN
Germany BAFFD
Jordan YoungReblz
Ukraine Natus Vincere (NEW!)
Russia zNation (NEW!)
Sweden eVoDota2 (NEW!)
GosuLeague \ Season 3 \ Division 2B
Germany EYES ON U (NEW!)
Germany uebelst
Portugal 404.
Belarus PowerRangers
Europe Super!!
Russia GlobiX
Russia Empire (NEW!)
Other Kaipi (NEW!)

Keep yourself updated with all the GosuLeague news on GosuGamers at our newly opened event page. More details on the third season will come your way very soon.

GosuLeague Season 3 Division 2 qualifier brackets