Dota 2 Asia Championships

  • Prize pool US$250,000
  • Start date 28 Jan 2015
  • End date 10 Feb 2015

Prize pool - $3,057,519 USD

1. $1,284,158 USD 7-8. $122,301 USD
2. $366,902 USD 9-12. $45,863 USD
3. $275,177 USD 13-16. $30,575 USD
4. $214,026 USD 17-18. $15,288 USD
5-6. $152,876 USD 19-20. $15,288 USD


Participating teams

North America Evil Geniuses   Vici Gaming
  Team Secret   Big God
  HyperGloryTeam CIS Natus Vincere
North America Cloud9   Rave
  Invictus Gaming   EHOME
CIS HellRaisers   LGD Gaming
  TongFu.WanZhou   CDEC Gaming
  Newbee   MVP Phoenix

Main event

Group stage
  • 120 games played between the 16 qualified teams over five days.
  • LAN: 01.29 - 02.02 12:00PM CST
  • Top 8 Teams advance to the upper bracket, the next four are placed into the lower bracket, with the bottom four eliminated.
  • Status: Completed
  • 12 Team Double Elimination bracket, All matches are Bo3 except lower bracket round 1 are Bo1 and grand finals are Bo5.
  • LAN: 02.05 - 02.09 Start from 12:00PM CST
  • Status: Completed

Location: Shanghai, China  

Regional qualifiers

American Qualifier
  • 4 Team Double Elimination Bracket with upper bracket advantage
  • Online: 01.05-01.06
  • Top Team Qualifies for Finals
European Qualifier
  • 8 Team Double Elimination Bracket with upper bracket advantage
  • Online: 01.08-01.11
  • Top Team Qualifies for Finals
  • Second and third placed teams qualify for wildcard
Asian Qualifier
  • 16 Teams, Bo2 Round Robin
  • Online: 01.10 - 01.15
  • Top 4 Teams qualify for Finals; fifth and sixth play in wildcard matches.
Wildcard Qualifier
  • The format of Wild Card is BO1. Head to head results will decide for tied teams.
  • There will be tie-breakers when necessary. The 1st and 2nd place will advance to the Group Stage.
  • The other teams are eliminated and tied for 17th place in Dota 2 Asia Championships.


DAC 2015 - 1vs1 Championship

3 Feb 2015

DAC 2015 - Group Tiebreaker

2 Feb 2015

Dota 2 Asia Championships

28 Jan 2015
Playoffs - Main Event
Group - Round Robin
Tiebreakers - Wild Card
Group - Wild Card

Dota 2 Asia Championships - Qualifiers

5 Jan 2015
Wildcard - Wildcard
Asia - East
Europe - West
America - West

News & Features

Fy: 'Black played well this tournament'

We caught up with Vici Gaming captain and support player Xu 'fy' Lin Sen for an interview, in it among the things we talked about are the aftermath of Bai 'rOtk' Fan's retirement, Black^'s future, fresh blood in the Chinese scenes and the role of the support.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

DAC Grand Finals - Evil Geniuses sweep Vici Gaming 3-0

It is grand finals time and the two powerhouses of the East and the West will face off against each other. Both have had numerous encounters in the past, but who will claim the title in the most prestigious event outside of The International?

Dota 2 Skim

DAC Main Event Day 4 - Team Secret 0-2 Evil Geniuses

The two Western juggernauts Team Secret and Evil Geniuses will clash against one another. It is their first match against one another since the groupstage and the winner will proceed to face off against Vici Gaming in the grand finals. 

Dota 2 GosuGamers

Jeyo: 'We adopted a more Western playstyle'

Rave has been shaking things up at the DAC, winning multiple games against heavily favored teams. We sat down with Dota 2 veteran and current Rave player, Jio 'Jeyo' Madayag to hear his views on life in Korea, future plans and performance expectations.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

DAC Main Event Day 4 - ViCi Gaming 2-0 Evil Geniuses

Only two days remain for the DAC main event, and the fourth day opens with the Upper Bracket final between ViCi Gaming and Evil Geniuses. The winner of this best-of-three match will secure a spot in the grand finals and at least second place in the tournament, while the lower will have to survive the Lower Bracket final.

Dota 2 drouks

DAC Main Event Day 3 - Cloud9 1:2 Team Secret

Despite a stompy first game, Cloud9 could not prevent their elimination from the tournament against Team Secret. The next two games of the Lower Bracket, along with the Upper Bracket final will be held tomorrow, and we will find out the two finalists of DAC.

Dota 2 drouks

DAC Main Event Day 3 - Big God 2-1 Rave

In the third game of the day, Rave will be facing off against Big God. After taking down IG earlier today, they will be stretched to their limits once more against the group stage second place finisher, Big God.

Dota 2 GosuGamers
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