Vigoss and Vein leaves DTS-gaming!

DotA Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
It was a little more than a week ago when the Dota team DTS-Chatrix lost against Rush3D in the LAN tournament ASUS. Now the DTS captain Vigoss decides leave the team together with his squadmember Vein. Why they are leaving is for now unrevealed.

According to DTS-Chatrix, Vigoss and the management wasn't able to keep the cooperation.

After the loss of Vigoss and Vein, DTS managed to recruit Go[blin] once more. It may not either be surprising to see that the young ukrainian star Travka isn't in the DTS roster. After he joined the team some months ago, anyone have hardly seen him in the clan wars.

DTS-gaming roster:

Kazakhstan Aidar
Ukraine Dendi
Ukraine Go[blin]
Ukraine Axypa
Ukraine Phobos
Ukraine Moelie

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