Update on the 30 days tournament

DotA Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

We managed to talk to WuFan, the organizer of the tournament, and we have obtained few details about this event.

As you probably know by now, a 30 days long DotA tournament is being organized in Beijing China, where eight top teams will attend and match their forces. The top Chinese teams and some of the Europe teams have already confirmed their presence.

The head-sponsor of the tournament is Alienware and they will provide computers and accommodation for the participating teams.

The prizes do not disappoint either, the winner taking home 60.000 rmb (approximately $8.800), the second 30.000 rmb, while the third and the fourth takes 20.000 rmb and 10.000 rmb respectively. Additional to this, there will be 50.000 rmb product prices.

Here is what WuFan stated:
-“Actually the tournament will be more like a league, with 14 playdays and all the games will be broadcasted Live on TV, and probably streamed on the internet, so that the Europeans can see them too . The official starting date will be the 2nd of December and it will last until 31st of the same month. “

So, with this tournament approaching, we can say without any doubt that this is the “Promised Land” where any top team in the world would like to go.