BLOG: Kebap: 'We will train like we never did before'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 09 August 2011 11:05
Rene "Kebap" Werner shares his latest thoughts on DotA and what' been going on in Team GosuGamers.

Sup guys! I'll start blogging from today for like two times a weeks about what's going on in the team, in real life and stuff like that. Well, I will start by introducing myself. I'm Rene "Kebap" Werner, 21 years old from Cologne and I have a part time job at the moment.

Overall, the last few two to three weeks didn't really go well for us since me and rmn have just joined, Kuroky taking over the captain position and stuff like that. It's kinda a thing of time (I don't wanna make any excuses for the games we lost). Basically our goal till August 21 is to train like hell since rmn is back from Russia now so we can finally start practicing after a 3 week absence of rmn. That basically means we will train everyday basically all day. We will train like we never did before. Since we don't have a bootcamp planned we have to put all our time into training online for the big Gamescom event that is coming up. We don't go there to come home with the last place but to win.

Overall I would say it wasn't the best three weeks we had, with the reformation and all, but we will step our game up and don't let you guys down. No matter what, we will give our best!



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