DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 - G2 overpower North in the grand final

Posted by Ali "Maxxie" Or at 03 September 2017 22:30

G2 Esports defeated North 2-0 in the grand final of DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017.

The front office at G2 headquarters couldn't be happier as September greeted the organization with open hands. After lifting the EU LCS trophy on League of Legends earlier today, G2's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team emerged victorious in Malmö and took home $100,000.

Kenny "kennyS" Schrub & co. began their DreamHack Masters journey by topping Group D after two close wins against EnVyUs and Immortals. The quarter-final draw wasn't the easiest one as Brazilian giants SK Gaming won the first map looked solid on the second one, Inferno. But the Frenchmen managed to bounce back and stole away the semi-final ticket 2-1.

It was the Swedes of Ninjas in Pyjamas who were waiting for G2 in the semis, but their reformed roster failed to matchup with the French stars. The last obstacle between G2 and the championship was North, who looked powerless in the first map, Inferno. After losing on Inferno, North looked like they might make it 1-1 by winning Cobblestone thanks to their solid start. Unfortunately for the Danes, G2's CT half on Cobblestone was flawless. A 9-1 run saw G2 making it 2-0 and becoming DreamHack Masters: Malmö 2017 champions.

The final standings are:

1. France G2 Esports - $100,000
2. Denmark North - $50,000
3-4. Kazakhstan Gambit - $22,000
3-4. Sweden NiP - $22,000
5-8. Brazil Immortals - $10,000
5-8. Denmark Astralis - $10,000
5-8. Brazil SK Gaming - $10,000
5-8. Ukraine Na'Vi - $10,000
9-12. United States Cloud9 - $2,000
9-12. Australia Renegades - $2,000
9-12. Europe FaZe Clan - $2,000
9-12. Sweden Fnatic - $2,000
13-16. Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S] - $2,000
13-16. Poland - $2,000
13-16. Europe mousesports - $2,000
13.16. France EnVyUs - $2.000,

Image courtesy of G2 Esports


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