StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 - Day One: Group C

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

Group C matches have concluded, where we saw Na'Vi upset by TyLoo and Heroic come out victorious from the Danish showdown.

So far the most exciting of groups, with one of the most unexpected results of the day, where TyLoo managed to outperform Na'Vi, knocking them into the losers' bracket of group C. X join TyLoo after dealing with their countrymen in a very close best-of-one. A brief overview of the matches below.

China TyLoo vs. CIS Natus Vincere
Map: de_Mirage
WinnerChina TyLoo 11:4, 5:6 (16:10)
MVP: China Hui "DD" Wu

The Chinese underdogs commence the first match of group C on the CT side of Train, where they show the world why they are considered one of the finest CS:GO teams China offers the world. A stellar performance demonstrated by TyLoo, where the team was able to effectively shut down advances from the CIS mix. A subpar performance from the boys in yellow during the first half meant TyLoo transition into the second half at 11:4.

The second half saw a shoulder-to-shoulder performance from both teams, unfortunately for the crowd favourites the lacklustre performance from the initial half had a knock-on effect, which meant that TyLoo eventually secured the map, along with a placement in the winners' bracket with a 16:10 score.

Denmark Heroic vs. Denmark Astralis
Map: de_Train
WinnerDenmark Heroic 10:5, 6:8 (16:13)
MVP: Denmark 

The final match of group C saw a Danish showdown, where the underdogs were to prove their worth, and the established team was to demonstrate their level of play. Needless to say Heroic indeed demonstrated their ability to perform against top tier teams. Heroic start on the CT side, where they successfully held back their countrymen, preventing most advances onto bombsites. Said performance allowed the team to secure a 10:5 lead going into the second half.

A much closer performance was seen over the second half, as Astralis seemingly woke up and attempted to mount a comeback. Despite the deficit going into the latter half, the Danes tried their outmost best to secure the match, however this simply didn't happen under the premise of the opponents heroic performance. Heroic overpower Astralis 16:13 and start preparing for the match against TyLoo in the winners' bracket of group C.

Headline image courtesy of StarLadder Flickr


Who will succeed in tomorrows' group C winners' bracket match?

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Thank you for voting!
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