ECS Developmental League team list almost completed

CS:GO Kyle “ItzT1k1” Larson

ECS' Dev. League is days from being ready to start.

FaceIt’s ECS Season 2 is set to start this October, and their developmental league is ready to go this September to increase competition for the $1.75 million main event. The developmental league consists of eight teams from NA and eight teams from EU, with four invites and four qualifies on each side of the pond.

In Europe, the winner of the developmental league will automatically be put into the 2nd season’s competition due to Natus Vincere’s dropping out during season 1. However, the team which finishes second in the developmental league will be taking on Dignitas for their spot. In North America the first and second finishers in the dev. league will be facing Team Kaliber and EchoFox, respectively.

The invites went to the following teams:       



Brazil Immortals
CIS Na'Vi Australia Renegades
Russia Gambit United States Selfless
Ukraine Flipsid3 Brazil SK Gaming


The roster currently sponsored by SK Gaming finished second in ECS last season and the core of this GODSENT roster finished tied for third last season. However, FaceIt decided that spots in ECS will stay with organizations rather than players, thus giving another Brazilian roster, the new Luminosity Gaming, a free spot into the league.

Meanwhile, ECS held qualifying tournaments on FaceIt’s platform. Three in North America and three in Europe, and one which is yet to be held. The teams which qualified through this method are listed here:

Poland AGG Canada RONIN
Denmark Team X United States ProspectsGG
Denmark tRICKED United States SofaKingGood
Europe Open Qualifier United States Open Qualifier



Will you be tuning into the ECS Developmental League?

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Thank you for voting!
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