Dreamhack Winter 2014: admins rule Overpass boost illegal, fnatic retaliate

CS:GO Seth “sshogun” Sawant

*UPDATE*: The match has been forfeitted by Fnatic. LDLC will now move onto the playoffs while Fnatic has been eliminated.

LDLC's complaint against fnatic for their controversial Overpass boost in the Dreamhack quarterfinals is answered by Dreamhack officials, fnatic also files a complaint.

In the aftermath of fnatic's controversial boost on de_overpass in the Dreamhack Winter 2014 quarterfinals, LDLC player Nathan "NBK" Schmitt announced on Twitter that Dreamhack admins had ruled that fnatic's boost was illegal, and that the match would be restarted at the beginning of the second half of the match, 12-3. However Schmitt also stated that fnatic had filed their own complaint, and that the verdict was not final. The incertaintiy of the ruling was also confirmed on the official Dreamhack Twitter.

Schmitt also mentioned that while Team LDLC players were forced to leave the event when it closed, some fnatic players were allowed to stay to speak to the Dreamhack officials in private. He also clarified that the illegality of fnatic's boost during the match stemmed not from the fact that it was pixel boosting, but that it created invisible textures, which is against the rules of the tournament.

As of November 28th, it is still unknown what the final outcome of the conflict will be.

*UPDATE* Dreamhack officials announce decision to restart the match is now final.


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