Alex departs from x6tence

CS:GO Aaron “Legend0415” Baughman

Roster change strikes x6tence right before the beginning of the Iberian Qualifier for the ESL Pro League.

The Spanish player Alejandro "ALEX" Masanet Candela has been playing with this group of players since the August when they were still under the name of OverGaming. His depature comes right before the beginning of the Iberian Qualifier for the newly announced ESL Pro League.

Since ALEX has joined their lineup they have gone up a tier, where they x6tence even made it to the online playoffs of StarLadder Season XI.

The replacement player will be Miguel "drifking" García Bermell who will serve as a stand in until the end of 2014. x6tence's captain Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torrent has commented on the addition of Miguel "drifking" García Bermell.

Our goal is to add him permanently after GAMERGY, but that is something that does not depend on us. drifking has the profile we were looking for, and we hope his performances will match our expectations.


x6tence will now have the following roster:

Spain Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torent
Spain David "Kairi" de Miguel de la
Spain Christian "lowel" García 
Spain Antonio "FlipiN" Rivas
Spain Miguel "drifkingGarcía Bermell

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