Fnatic are your ESWC 2014 champions

CS:GO Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

Fnatic are ESWC 2014 champions. They took down Team LDLC in the grand finals with the score of 2-0 and the prize of $20,000 will be going into their way.

The Grand Finals between probably two of the best teams in the world at the moment, Fnatic vs Team LDLC was probably the best ending of this tournament which was expected by the wide crowd. Seeing the French team led by Happy and the Swedes pulling out the insane strats made by pronax is the best possible finish of an event.

Team LDLC picked de_inferno, while Fnatic decided to take de_cache and the choice of the deciding map was de_dust2. In the finals teams could choose the starting side at the map which they picked so Team LDLC naturally picked the more favored CT side. It didn't bother Fnatic much as they opened the match with 4-0 expanding it to 8-7 at the half time and a 16-10 win in the first map, where we saw some amazing fakes and strats by Fnatic, but also an incredible good play by LDLC's captain, Happy.

At de_cache Fnatic had the pleasure to start  on the CT side, but the French team won a pistol round and two more which followed for a 0-3 lead. However, as soon as they took the big guns in their hands, Fnatic took this map back in their hands making it 11-4 at the end of the first half. The second half saw Fnatic winning the pistol round which made it really easy for them to close this map and match with 2-0. The final score of de_cache was 16-11.

The other match of the day was a third place decider between the currently 3rd ranked team at our rankings, Virtus.pro and the Ukranian team, Natus Vincere, who sit at the 5th place at our rankings at the moment. During the picks Na'Vi removed cache and overpass, while VP made sure that there will be no dust2 nor cobblestone. The first picked map was mirage, which was an obvious choice of Na'Vi, where the Polish team went for de_nuke. The deciding map was de_inferno.

Led by an phenomenal play of snax, Virtus.pro totaly surprised their opponents at de_mirage and took it away with the score of 16-12 (10-5 half time score where VP was at T side). Going full of confidence in the second map, VP kicked off at the more favored CT side by winning the pistol round, however Na'Vi managed to cluch four rounds at T side which was enough for them to make a huge comeback in the second half. The final score was 16-11 (4-11) and the decision had to be made at de_inferno. Virtus.pro once again won the knife round and started on the more favored CT side of this map where they were dominant finishing it off with 12-3. In the second half Na'Vi couldnt pick even a single round so VP took it away with 16-3.

Prize distribution:
1. Sweden Fnatic - $20,000
2. France Team LDLC - $15,000
3. Poland Virtus.pro - $10,000
4. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $5,000


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