Epsilon eSports Reveals a new Lineup

CS:GO Kevin “SeveN” Ouyang

Epsilon eSports has decided to pick up BST, a CS:GO team that was just formed yesterday consisting of three of Epsilon's former players.

After the rumored French roster changes took place yesterday, eSports organizations Team-LDLC and Epsilon eSports were both left without a CS:GO team. However, it now appears that Epsilon eSports has decided to stay in the scene by picking up the newly formed BST, which consists of three players from Epsilon's former lineup. 

The new lineup essentially just replaces former players Richard "shox" Papillon and Fabien "KIOSHIMA" Fiey with new players Kevin "Uzzzii" Vernel from Team-LDLC and Adil "ScreaM" Benriltom from Titan. Robin "GMX" Stahmer, Gordon "Sf" Giry, and Joey "fxy0" Schlosser will still stay with the organization. 

Whether or not Epsilon eSports simply expected the French shuffle to happen and made roster changes accordingly is still unknown. What is known is that all of the members on BST went on stream with the Epsilon tags and profile pictures. ScreaM has also announced on his Facebook page that he now plays for Epsilon eSports.

The roster, which was called by CS:GO analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields to be a team of leftovers from the shuffle, was able to put up a strong fight against NiP earlier today, getting an impressive 11 rounds on the CT side of inferno. They will continue into the Faceit League under the Epsilon banner.

Epsilon eSports now has the following roster:

France Robin "GMX" Stahmer
France Gordon "Sf" Giry
Belgium Adil "ScreaM" Benriltom
France Kevin "Uzzzii" Vernel
France Joey "fxy0" Schlosser

Kevin “SeveN” Ouyang
Former Senior Editor, GosuGamers CS:GO.