MeetYourMakers drops WarCraft 3 team

WarCraft 3 Ivan “GpZ)Zork(” Turlakov

After 8 years among the best, MeetYourMakers have announced the departure of two of their squads.

The year is 2001, middle of December. MYM gets an offer to take one of the best European players back then, such as Bjarke, BladeDk and QDK, under the management of Losemann. That's how the WarCraft era for Meet Your Makers begun...

Later on, in 2002, the organisation officially registered as a professional gaming company. In the next years, the Makers signed contracts with big Korean names like Lucifer, Susiria, EVE, and also, with the player, who is said to be the "BoxeR" of WarCraft - Moon. Less than a year ago, the "King of Orcs" Grubby also became part of the squad.

Looking back at the past years, we could surely tell that MYM is, without a doubt one of the most successful team in the WarCraft history. Since 2006, they have won three NGL-ONE and one WC3L Finals, plus numerous of other placements in the top. MYM's individual players consistently been very successful ones - Moon, Grubby, Lucifer and Susiria.

One year and 7 days ago, WarCraft said goodbye to 4Kings. Now it is the Makers turn to wave the white flag and call it quits.

Denmark Jesper ”Nordahl” Nordahl Henriksen (WC3 Manager)

Today is the day an era ends. Today is the day MYM.WC3 is no more. I have been a part of MYM.WC3 since 2004, and hence today affect me dearly when I have to see my team let go. A team that I have shared, and endured hardship with, disappointments and even grief. But also a team with which I have celebrated great victories and personal triumphs.

For 5 years the team has been with me. I have rearranged schedules, vacations and so on to be able to attend leagues finals with it.
There is no real words to describe how I feel about this disbandment, needless to say that I feel sad and wish it wasn't so, but I have to face facts, and facts say that WC3 is hard pressed, and MYM.WC3 was no exception.

With all the sadness, I can also look back at 5 successful years. In my very first year we placed second in the sixth WC3L season, my first season. A season most experts had expected us to do worse in. We followed suit by earning ourselves a handfull of WC3L silver medals, aswell as 2 championship titles. Furthermore we earned 3 NGL championships as well as a closely fought NGL silver medal in addition to the countless solo accomplishments and awards the players earned. The MYM.WC3 team was overall one of the most successful teams in history, and one I will remember with joy in my heart.

The meetings with the players are also something I will look back at with joy and remember as a happy time, and I hope all of the players will continue fighting through these difficult times and will be able to continue their carriers, I know I for one will be cheering for them to accomplish whatever goal they set for themselves.

Germany Matthias “Losemann” Beyer (WC3 Manager)

Departure of a Great Team

Today is sad day for MYM and a sad day for eSports. MYM has decided to not continue with a Warcraft team and re-focus their efforts on other teams and games. It is actually a moment where tears are allowed. The moment I had to tell the players about our future, I felt really sad and I know that everybody feels the same way.

Nothing lasts and that is a shame. But today there will be an end of a big era! All the sadness aside, we have had great moments with the team and I am thanking these great persons in and behind the team that they made this possible. MYM is the only and best place to stay for me and I think everybody can agree on this. I have had holidays with management guys and I have had the best offline event with these players. But all these things would not have been possible without the great help of the sponsors and of the whole crew behind this.

To see Grubby, when he talks about the game, or talking with Susiria, the best team captain ever, or Lucifer to be a cool fashion guy and Moon to be a polite person, but also Soccer to be a really funny and talented person and Eve to be a loyal team mate, that is definitely worth every minute I spent with them.

I have been a lucky person to know these great persons and I have been a lucky guy to work with them. I wish all the players the best for their future and may they get new teams and get to show their skill in the next tournaments. I have to say, I loved the team and it was basically a bunch of brothers who tried the best to accomplish all the goals we had! Thank you again! And also thank you for the fans who supported us in rough and in good times, without you we couldn’t motivate ourselves that good. It was really important to read all the comments and it was really important to see you guys cheering for us at the events!

Former MeetYourMakers WarCraft

MYM]Losemann (Manager, Germany)
MYM]Nordahl (Manager, Denmark)
MYM]Moon (Night Elf, Korea)
MYM]Grubby (Orc, Netherlands)
MYM]Susiria (Undead, Korea)
MYM]Lucifer (Undead, Korea)
MYM]Soccer (Night Elf, Korea)
MYM]EVE (Night Elf, Korea)

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