MaDFroG looks Forward to more days of Glory

Posted by Jacob "Genie" Holm at 23 May 2007 22:41

As some of you might know, MaDFroG is one of the few WarCraft players who has his own fanpage. Today he clearly states - through his own homepage - that he has more days of glory coming to him in the future.

However, WarCraft is no longer his aim, as instead he's chosen to showcase his innovation and ingame-brain in the newly announced StarCraft 2.
"The thing that has changed is that I don't enjoy WC3 as much as I used to and I don't care about my wins or losses anymore," he states on his page MaDFroG.Eu. "Also I don't care about who can see my games and I'm not looking to become a pro again."

But now, let's see what good things this message he's composed is giving us:

But as everyone knows, the game SC2 will soon be out and as soon as the beta comes out I will be starting to play hardcore again. I'm just so looking forward to this game. What happens to this page when I make the switch I do not know, but I do know that you will be seeing me at a pro level again. Not in WC3 but in SC2. But until then there will be some more replays and some more articles about me but don't expect anything to fancy.

All in all, MaDFroG seems to be confident about the new game, and for all you MaDFroG fans out there, for whom the specific game is less important, it seems like there will be a bright future.

MaDFroG.Eu - Official Statement


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