Wicked eSports shuts down again

WarCraft 3 “DELETED-USER-1606086601”
Despite the multiple attempts in the past, Wicked eSports shuts down its doors ones again.

The organization of Wicked eSports has not been a good one when it came to the Warcraft 3 scene. In the past they have had a total of three different team and each time they would drop them as soon as something surrounding the team would happen.

At first it was the team that had Korean player Deok Man "Soccer" Yuon and Tomasz "Terror" Pilipiuk. At WC3L Season 13 where they were the next team in line to attend the finals the organization released them thus they were unable to attend.

Their second attempt was the team of Dharma Initiative, former team of Pedro "LucifroN" Moreno Duran. At one point Wicked got the team to play under its name. Till the point when after they managed to qualify for WC3L season 15 they were suddenly dropped.

Attempt number three was to recruit the Russian team of EYE eSports and then adding Yoan "ToD" Merlo and Mykhaylo "HoT" Novopashyn. After rather poor performance throughout the season of WC3l and the retirement of ToD, Wicked drop the team and switched over to the former fnatic WC3.

The decision was rather a good one. The team ended up winning WC3L season 15, but unfortunately they are now ones again clanless as Wicked eSports closes down ones again dropping the WC3 and the CS team. Rumours this month were already spreading when it was said that the team couldn't to pay its CS team a trip and that they were having a financial problem.

Unfortunately the trio Shy, FoCuS and Space are now without an organization. Whether or not they already received offers or will look for some is currently unknown.

Former Wicked eSports roster:
South Korea Park Chul "Shy" Woo
South Korea Eom "FoCuS" Hyo Sub
South Korea Park Sueng"Space" Hyun