VCT Berlin Playoffs

VCT Masters Berlin: Playoffs decided

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The top eight teams will be moving forward to the next stage of the competition

After the end of group stage, clear winners have emerged in the form of the top 2 teams in each group. The eight teams will now move to the playoffs stage, where they will battle each other to see who can reach the grand final of Masters Berlin and be crowned the champion

Group A

Teams in Group:

In this group, we saw one that Vision Strikers, one of the best teams in the world, dominating to reach the pinnacle of the group. The South Korean team beat both Paper Rex and Acend to be the first in the group and qualify for the playoffs.

Their matches in Group A shows how strong they are – they won 2-0 against Paper Rex and again 2-0 against Acend

Meanwhile, Acend had to go all the way to the Decider match to see if they can follow Vision Strikers to the Playoffs. They won 2-1 in that match against SuperMassive Blaze.

Group B

Teams in group:

Team Envy and Kru Esports heads up Group B as the two teams heading to the playoffs. Here, Envy and Kru are somewhat evenly matched as the two teams dominating this group – but KRU had to go all the way to the Decider match to see their place in the playoffs. Both teams won with little problem in their opening match, and in the winner's match, Envy showed that they are a little bit better than Kru by beating them 2-0.

Afterwhich, KRU’s match in the Decider round showed that they still have the prowess – but just by a hair’s breadth. Against Keyd Stars, KRU went up to the wire to win against the Brazillian team 2-0, both rounds seeing them win by a margin of just 2 wins.

Group C

Teams in group:

100 Thieves in Group C was the first team to qualify to the playoffs, and Gambit Esports followed after leaving Crazy Raccoon and Havan Liberty behind.

In this group, it was Gambit that had to go all the way to the Decider Match to secure the second spot. They won that against Crazy Raccoon 2-0 but not without some challenges. Crazy actually gave Gambit a scare in the second round, but in the end, Gambit Esports on against the Japanese team 14-12, making that match the only group stage match that went to overtime.

Group D

Teams in group:

This group is a special one, as there are only three teams competing in the group. This is because Bren Esports had to drop out due to immigration problems.

 The mechanic for this group is round robin style, with each team playing four rounds to see who has the highest points at the end. Tournament favourite Sentinels was sorted to this group.

After two rounds of matches, the two teams that emerged to be the top two are G2 Esports and Sentinels, the current leaders for NA and EU respectively.

Playoff bracket

The playoffs for Masters Berlin looks something like this:

The first match of the quarterfinals will be between Vision Strikers and Gambit Esports, happening on 17 September, 11:00 GMT.

Catch the match at the official VALORANT twitch page HERE, and follow the matches on our hub page here. Meanwhile, have a read on the losers of Masters Berlin right HERE.


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