An era ends tomorrow: Jangbi vs Fantasy in OSL grand final

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 August 2012 16:02

Over a decade-long history will see its last chapter written on August 4th as one protoss and one terran will fight for the last ever Brood War OSL trophy.

Eleven months ago, on September 17th, the two giants of the game met in the final match of the 2011 Jin Air OSL. Set for set the series went and all five games had to be played before Samsung KHAN's Jangbi emerged victor. Now, in the last OSL tournament in Brood War history, the reigning protoss champion is summoned to defend his title against the very same opponent - SK Telecom's Fantasy.

If anything, Fantasy is no stranger to PvT OSL finals, that being his third in a row and fourth overall. His first appearance in the grand finals was against Stork, to whom he lost in another close 3-2 series. Half a year later, Fantasy made it to the 2009 Batoo OSL grand final and played yet another nail-biting series against The Tyrant, Hwaseung OZ's Jaedong. After making it top four in the very next OSL, Fantasy failed to reach the playoffs three times in a row before exploding with a 3-0 against PvT's mastermind Stork, taking revenge against him in the 2010 Bacchus OSL in a series that was nowhere near close. Since then, Fantasy has been irrevocable part of the OSL finals.

Although just as respected and skilled player in the game, it took Jangbi a string of MSL and GomTV second places before finally taking a gold medal in the Jin Air 2011 OSL. With a PvT win ratio of 58% and victories against Flash, Mind and Last in 2012, KHAN's protoss will not give away the OSL title so easily.

This Bo5 will be played on Neo Ground Zero, New Sniper Ridge, Neo Electric Circuit, Gladiator and Neo Ground Zero once again and tomorrow, the last Brood War OSL winner will be determined!


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