South Korea Gen.G Gold: Kings of TPP at PGI 2018

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It’s the end of Day 2 and the results are in - Gen.G Gold took home $400,000 and the winning title of the TPP round of the PUBG Global Invitational 2018.

The final clash in the Erangel map between South Korea’s Gen.G Gold and Europe’s strong contenders, Team Liquid took place in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin yesterday. After an intense battle of survival in Day 1 with another South Korean team Gen.G Black, Team Liquid maintained their place in second position. Gen.G Gold managed to earn a 670-lead against Liquid after 4 long rounds.

Coming in third position is EU’s Welcome To South George of whom numerous audiences were rooting for because of their strong performance on Day 1. WTSG was then followed by China’s Oh My God working their way up from rank five on the first day. Another EU team, Pittsburgh Knights placed fifth in position by only having 145-point difference against OMG. Gen.G Black, the winners of Day 1, however were not able to maintain their position by coming only in sixth place.

Each team strategy is different and only a few stood out. Liquid kept their play style careful by inflicting small damage and receiving only small damage. While Knights and WTSG displayed how they are experts at aggressive fragging although Gold beat them by winning the most number of kills by the end of the game.

While audiences may have predicted Asian teams to dominate the TPP platform and Europe, CIS or NA on the FPP, Europe had all three teams in the top positions during the TPP round which makes the FPP round both unpredictable and exciting.

Here’s the final leaderboard standing of the PGI 2018 TPP mode:

1st Place - South KoreaGen.G Gold
2nd Place - Europe Team Liquid
3rd Place - Europe Welcome To South George
4th Place - China Oh My God
5th Place - Europe Pittsburgh Knights

6th Place - South Korea Gen.G Black
7th Place - Thailand MiTH eSports
8th Place - North America Ghost Gaming
9th Place - Australia Chiefs Esports Club
10th Place - CIS Natus Vincere

11th Place - Savage Esports
12th Place - Taiwan ahq e-Sports Club
13th Place - China Four Angry Men
14th Place - Japan Crest Gaming Xanadu
15th Place - North America Honey Badger Nation

16th Place - CIS AVANGAR
17th Place - Oyun Hizmetleri
18th Place - Japan Crest Gaming Windfall
19th Place - Refund Gaming
20th Place - North America Team Gates

This is the end of the TPP round of the PGI 2018. Who do you think will conquer the FPP round?


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