It's official: IDDQD joins NRG's Overwatch Roster

Posted by Dries "TCO-esports" Thys at 11 February 2017 22:14

Former Fnatic DPS player IDDQD officially confirmed that he will join the rebuilding roster of the professional Overwatch team NRG.

High Noon at the professional Overwatch scene as moments ago we were released from all the speculations: IDDQD is indeed going to be a part of NRG. As one of the most valuable free agents around, there were a lot of rumours going on about which team IDDQD would join. The late night scrims and other rumours made it clearer and clearer until indeed the news was shared: IDDQD will be the next addition to the NRG roster.

After his successful period with team FNATIC, IDDQD was the perfect addition for the hitscan role. While iddqd has now twice left a team quoting professional differences, it is without a doubt his talent and dedication to the scene is grand.

In his own words André "iddqd"Dahlström states:

I am very excited to be back on the field playing professionally again, especially representing NRG and its colors. Dummy, numlocked and Seagull all share the same vision, to be the very best. I am dedicated to making that vision a reality.

Brett Lautenbach, the President of NRG made the following statement on the addition of IDDQD:

André embodies everything we love about the NRG brand. He’s a top tier competitor and major voice in his community. Most importantly he gels incredibly well with our existing roster and the guys are excited to get to work with him.

We are all looking forward to this new journey of NRG picking up IDDQD. More on the official statement can be found here.

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