Misfits, Rogue and Luminosity have set up a major trade deal

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You might have seen the rumours from this morning, but no way you could predict this kind of reorganization!

What started as a rumour shared on Misfits Cooller's stream has quickly turned into a major collaboration and reorganization of three European rosters. The past week, Rogue, Misfits, and Luminosity Gaming have worked tirelessly to come to an agreement that they say work[ed] things out in a way that allowed each of us end up with a stronger, still Championship-tier lineup.

As part of this three-way deal, the rosters of the three teams will soon look completely new. Let us summarize the changes and resulting rosters:


  • uNKOE
  • Winz
  • aKm
  • Kn0xxx
  • Out: TviQ, In: SoOn
  • Out: Reinforce, In: Skipjack


This roster change looks to finally create the French dream team under the new Rogue banner. In acquiring SoOn, this new roster looks to improve in game communication. The odd German speaker, Skipjack reportedly knows some basic french and will be taking French lessons with Philippe "Lanf3ust" Rivian, Rogue's coach, in order to better fit in the lineup. This change brings former Shootmania teammates, uNKOE and SoOn, back together. We hope the reunification of this two time World Championship friendship will promote stronger results in the future.

In the process, Rogue will also be saying goodbye to founding member, TviQ. Frank Villarreal had these parting words:

“TviQ and I started Rogue together. He was the main brain behind the creation of the first Rogue roster and the first player I wanted in the Overwatch scene. I have a lot of love for TviQ and hopefully we’ll be able to work together again someday.”

In his own goodbye, TviQ wrote, "I wish all the luck to all players involved in this trade. I hope out of all of this we gain even more healthy competitions and rivalry to keep the scene going. I’m sad that I will be leaving the Rogue organization as I do genuinely love the players and management, and I wish them best of luck."



  • Nevix
  • Zebbosai
  • Out: SoOn, In: TviQ
  • Out: Skipjack, In: Reinforce
  • Out: Kryw, In: Manneten
  • Out: Hidan, In: Zave

Much like how Rogue compiled French players, Misfits has made progress towards their own star Swedish squad. While this team arguably has had the most moving parts, the potential for this team maybe the highest due to the acquistion of TviQ alongside core components in Manneten, Reinforce, and Zave. 

Misfits Owner, Ben Spoont, had this to say. “We are trying something new. This lineup has flexibility, stability, and a whole lot of talent. I’m thrilled to have a roster that desperately wanted to play together. Now, we’ll mould them with the same, special care we have given our other rosters.”

After their victory at DreamHack Winter, Misfits will look to capitalize on their progression in the rest of 2016 and the new year in 2017.


  • Mineral
  • SuperPlouk
  • Spree
  • Out: Manneten, In: Kryw
  • Out: Zave, In: Hidan

The new additions to Luminosity Gaming capstone a rebuilding effort to gear up for competition in the growing Overwatch scene. Kryw and Hidan will be joining recent acquistions, Spree and SuperPlouk, as an effort to craft a new superstar roster. Anchoring the team are original members, Mineral and EISSFIELDT, who look to improve on their results from 2016. 

Steve Maida, CEO of Luminosity Gaming, commented "It’s rare in any sport to see a three-way trade come to fruition as smoothly as this one. Compliments to Ben of Misfits, and Frank at Rogue for working together affably. We are thrilled to welcome Kryw and Hidan to the team. We are confident that their experience coupled with our existing talented players and the resources from our organization, our team will be a force to be reckoned with heading in the Overwatch League. Our gaming house in Toronto, ON and has a prominent French speaking culture as it’s the secondary language which should make the transition easier for Kryw and Hidan. We’d like to give a special thank you to Zave and Manneten for their time on Luminosity Gaming and wish them all the best in their new home.

What do you think about these changes? Do you see why the timing makes sense? Should they have stayed with their original rosters for longer? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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