$3000 Alienware Monthly Melee online tournament to hit on launch day

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Overwatch officially launches on the 24th of May, and Alienware are ready to greet it with a 64-team double-elimination tournament, featuring a $3,000 prizepool! Grab your friends and compete against the best in the brand new title from Blizzard! We have all the details below, whether you want to take part or watch the action.

This inaugural tournament sees the largest bracket so far for Overwatch, along with an all-new scoring system, map veto, and hero limit for KOTH maps designed to fine-tune the spectator and player experience. The Alienware Monthly Melee will be played on North American servers, but European teams are welcome to join in if they are content to play on the higher ping, and can agree to play on a European server if two EU teams meet in the bracket. The tournament is already promising great matches, with all the top Beta teams such as REUNITED and Cloud9 joining the fray.

Some interesting rules to point out to players familiar with Overwatch are:

  • the 2CP maps of Volskaya Industries, Temple of Anubis, and Hanamura are not eligible for play in this tournament;
  • two Payload maps will always be played first with one KOTH map to end a BO3 series;
  • the tournament will be imposing a hero limit of 1 for KOTH maps (Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Illios); 
  • the scoring system is brand new. The scoring system gives you 3 points for finishing a map in under 5 minutes, 2 points for under 8 minutes, 1 point for over 8 minutes, and 0 points for not attacking a map successfully.

A more detailed breakdown of the bracket, scoring system, and maps can be found at the tournament announcement page on Gamepedia.

Gold Under 5 Minutes 3
Silver Under 8 Minutes 2
Bronze Over 8 Minutes 1
No Completion N/A 0



The schedule for this tournament will see the first half of the bracket played on Tuesday, 24th May at 5 PM EST/11 PM CEST, and the second half of the bracket (featuring the top 12 teams) will begin the day after on Wednesday, 25th May also at 5 PM EST/11 PM CEST.

The winners bracket will be BO3 from the beginning, with set maps on day 1 and a map veto system on day 2. The losers bracket is BO1 from round 1 to 4, and BO3 from round 5, with set maps on day 1 (round 1-5) and map vetoes for day 2. The Grand Finals will be a BO5 series.


A total of $3,000 will be on the line over those two days, with the winner going home with $2,000 and the second place finisher leaving with the remaining $1,000.

You can register to play in the Alienware Monthly Melee launch tournament here on GosuGamers. When registering, battle tags are required so that teams are able to communicate with each other during the tournament. Battle tags will be available for teams to communicate on the match page.

Teams must also use the Curse application for contact purposes. All teams must be available for contact here.

If the admin team is unable to communicate with a registered team through the Curse application, your team may be disqualified. You must be present from 4:30 PM EST/10:30 PM CEST on both tournament days.


You can watch this tournament live at the links below (foreign language coverage to be announced):


Judging from the teams already signed up, this promises to be an incredible tournament to kick off the official release of Overwatch! Miss it at your peril.

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Are you excited to play in or watch the Alienware Monthly Melee launch tournament?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • David "eXodis" Mužík ,
    Is there a possibility of a 128 team limit? Or is the 64 limit final?
    • Robbert "Broeder" Troost ,
      The 64 team limit is final sadly, already larger than most other tournaments and an even bigger bracket could create some scheduling issues. Organizers are keeping it safe and familiar for the near future.
      • David "eXodis" Mužík ,
        Yes I understand well at least its good that the people want to play overwatch which is awesome for the e-sports scene ! :)


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