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Blizzard's yet to be released class-based shooter promises to transform the FPS genre. Simply put, take everything you love about Blizzard games and make it first person.

So you have been living under a rock and haven't heard about Overwatch. I get it- let's get you caught up.

At BlizzCon 2014, this trailer was first released to a huge crowd of gamers who had no idea what was in store. Blizzard hadn't hinted at a new IP, hadn't announced a new IP and at most, people were really excited to learn more about Heroes of the Storm, the new Hearthstone expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes, and Warlords of Draenor.

But Overwatch was revealed and it soon became the star of the show. It had everything Blizzard fans have grown to expect: rich lore, unforgettable characters, and the unmistakable talent of the Blizzard art team behind every flourish. This game widens the Blizzard universe and offers the first look at how Blizzard plans on redefining the FPS genre.

This is what we know so far:

The quick and dirty on Overwatch

  • Class based team FPS. Includes some RPG elements by featuring traditional class roles. These roles include Support, Offense, Defense, and Tank.
  • Six players are placed on offense, while six other play defense. Currently, there are two types of game modes: Payload and Point Capture.
  • Both of these modes are showcased through different maps which change the nature of the objectives, similar to Heroes of the Storm.
  • Point Capture is exactly how it sounds. The defensive team must protect various points from the offensive team trying to capture them.
  • Payload has the Defensive team escort a moving objective to a certain destination. Offensive team must stop them at any cost (shooting them in the head).

And the Heroes?

The heroes in Overwatch are really what makes the game shine. By having different class roles (and designing heroes to each excel at very specific things) Overwatch makes playing an FPS feel like more than just shooting guns. Heroes are strong individually, but the magic happens when a group of clever players start synergizing the heroe's abilities together:

  • Tanks absorb damage and disrupt the enemy ranks. They shield allies with damage mitgation shields while taking the brunt of the damage easily wih masssive health pools.
  • Supports heal allies, shield allies, buff allies, and provide unique strategical advantages which other heroes can take advantage of. They lack in damage and some are fragile, but they excel in loads of utility.
  • Offensive heroes are quick, mobile, and deal tons of damage. The array of movement options some offensive heroes have is truly astounding, and those that don't move quite as well make up for it in raw damage.
  • Defensive heroes excel at securing a location and making sure no one walks in or out of it alive. Defensive heroes have all the tools needed to stay safely in the back lines and punish opponents who clumsily charge into battle.

Overwatch still has no confirmed release date (except for a vague indicator of 'Fall 2015'), but Blizzard fans and FPS junkies (most notably of the Team Fortress variety) can sign up for the beta here and join the rest of us in checking our inboxes every day.

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