GosuGamers welcomes StarCraft 2 back to the family!

General Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

Our StarCraft 2 section is officially resurrected with all the things you love about GosuGamers – news coverage, matchticker, rankings and VODs.

For years, our mission at GosuGamers has been to provide the highest quality Esports content and coverage and we’ve always strived towards having the broadest array of disciplines covered. Throughout our history, we constantly altered our portfolio to not miss a single beat from the major Esports titles and there was always fresh, relevant, up-to-date content on hand for our readership.

With recently increased interest in StarCraft 2 and with the massive respect the franchise boasts, the choice whether or not to include the king of competitive RTS was easy. Preparations for a dedicated section began and in November 2015 we thought we were ready to launch.

Unfortunately, we were wrong. The construction of the “old” section came amidst too many other things and progress was slow. We also lacked dedicated crew capable of laying the foundations needed for a healthy section and we agreed that postponing the venture until we could set up the quality we wanted was the wiser thing to do. The time just wasn’t right.

With this year’s WCS Winter Championship in Katowice, it was an easy choice to decide to give the section another go. As we covered the competition in Poland, same as all other relevant stuff, in text, our crew started filling the database – one of GosuGamers’ most prized features – and in two months they grew it to a respectable size. The matchticker was filled with games and our rankings were freshened. We were ready.

By visiting the dedicated StarCraft 2 section, you will find all the things we love about GosuGamers. Aside from the text coverage of the scene, on the left you will find the StarCraft 2 matchticker, currently loaded with some of the most important ongoing tournaments, as we are still working on adding them all. Bookmark it and you will know who’s playing who at what time, every hour of every day.

We are also working on establishing a comprehensive ranking system for StarCraft 2 players. Our crew has backlogged most of the big tournaments and we expect to have the full scope of the competitive scene by the end of March. 

Help us grow the section!

As with every new section, the StarCraft 2 one also needs helpful hands to nurture it to even higher levels. All passionate and dedicated StarCraft 2 fans willing to contribute to the game they love through writing or coverage, simultaneously increasing their personal exposure, can apply at [email protected]. See below for a description of the editorial and coverage duties.

It’s truly been too long. Welcome back to GosuGamers, StarCraft 2.


Do you feel excited about StarCraft 2's return?

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Thank you for voting!
Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic
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