IdrA to cast SHOUTcraft ro8

General Julian “hattfatt” Koch

Three days after his release from EG and one day after the announcement on Real Talk that he’d be focussing his energy on shoutcasting and content production, the American scores his first gig. He will be commentating the ShoutCraft America round of 8 alongside TotalBiscuit.


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While no stranger to casting itself, IdrA will take his first steps into the field when he takes to commentating the ShoutCraft America round of 8 with TotalBiscuit this coming Saturday, May 18th. This will mark his first foray into casting after he was let go by Team Evil Geniuses last Friday following the outbursts on the Team Liquid forums. You can read about it here and here.



Qualified players in the round of 8 at this point in time include puCK, Goswser, Kane, Minigun, Drunkenboi and hellokitty, with two players from Group D still withstanding. That group consists of State, qxc, Xenocider and rsvp and will find its two victors on May 17th. After the best-of-3 group stage, the tournament will advance in a best-of-5 fashion in the quarterfinals and best-of-7 in the semis and grand finals.

Julian “hattfatt” Koch
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