WCS NA:Suppy and Ryung Take Group D

General Kyle “Tossinator” Dunn
With the fifth day of WCS Premier League over, we were left with some fantastic upsets, specifically by Evil Geniuses Suppy. It was a hard fought day in a group that contained Ryung, HelloKitty, Heart, and Suppy.

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2:0 Sweeps For the first two games

The first two games of the night both resulted in a 2:0. Suppy vs Heart was the first series of the night. Suppy was able to show some fantastic plays and pull an upset against a great Korean player, allowing Suppy to advance on to the winners match, where he would face Ryung. The second series of the night was Ryung vs HelloKitty. HelloKitty in both games decided against going off of one base which was exploited by Ryung for an quick 2:0. Which allowed Ryung to move on to face Suppy in the winners match.

9075.jpgSuppy shows his Genius

The winners match to see who would be the first to advance to the round of 16 was between Suppy and Ryung. With Suppy showing how great his Zerg vs. Terran play is, by taking game one. Game two Suppy went for an aggressive roach/baneling timing that caught Ryung out of position and just decidmated him allowing Suppy to take game two and defeat Ryung 2:0 and move on to the round of 16.

HelloKitty Loves Mindgames

The fourth series of the night was between Heart and HelloKitty, the winner would go on to face Ryung to see who would be the second player to advance to the round of 16. Game one HelloKitty went for some next level mind games with a proxy robotics bay, and going for warp prism dark templars. However, Heart was able to scout the play and prepare for it, which allowed him to destroy HelloKitty's push and take game one. Game two told a different story with HelloKitty expanding and going into a macro game with Heart going for an aggressive marine/marauder push where he pulled a large portion of his SCV's, HelloKitty was able to barely hold it with his colossus/phoenix composition, and take an economic lead which allowed him to eventually take game two. Game three Hellokitty decided to go for some more mind games with a proxy robotics facility that was scouted by Heart. However, instead of hitting the front with his immortals, HelloKitty decided to elevator his immortals and sentries into Heart's main and was able to force field Heart's ramp and decimate his production and his army giving game three and the series 2:1.

Ryung doesn't Fall for Mindgames

The final series of the night was between Ryung and HelloKitty which would see who would move on to the round of 16 with Suppy. Game one HelloKitty showed some impressive macro plays however when it came to the late game engagement he did not have enough of a ground army to take on Ryung's force and was simply destroyed. Game two HelloKitty went for a heavy archon focused ball which Ryung responded to with a large force of ghosts. Which managed to carpet bomb Ryung's army with emps, which allowed his marine forces to shred through everything HelloKitty, which let him take the series 2:0 and move on to the round of 16.