dabeliuteef leaves Orange eSports and HoN

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The core roster of the HoN team of the Malaysian powerhouse Orange eSports gets decimated even further. After XXF_ and wangwang already announced their departure in the last couple of weeks, dabeliuteef follow now. 

It seemed to be the next logical step, now it is confirmed. The Malaysian MOBA player dabeliuteef has been playing both Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth in the most recent history. In both games he played for popular organizations with Orange eSports in Heroes of Newerth and MuFC in Dota 2. Now he takes his talents completely to the Valve game.

He leaves behind a fragmented roster of Orange eSports that has underperformed in the most recent big HoN event held in Bangkok, Thailand. In that Garena Star League event the team around leader MrGhost started with the ambition and goal to win it all, but had to suffer defeat against Yamaha.s2y early on - only placing 5th/6th in the entire tournament. On top of that the team was recently forced to integrate other players into their midst and admitted flaws in terms of team play and coordination through that. 

dabeliuteef will be remembered as a strong carry player for the Australian organization Frenetic Array and the follow-up team Tt eSports. With those organizations he was set to visit both the DreamHack Winter 2011 and the DreamHack Summer 2012, but had to pull out of both of them, unfortunately. He then went away from Tt eSports and joined a team from his home region Malaysia in Orange eSports. With them he wrote history twice in the last couple of months. First they were the first SEA team to ever get into the Final Four at a HoN DreamHack event, then they cashed in the record setting $100,000 USD for winning the Malaysian National Championship. 

Now he closes the HoN chapter on a down-note with the GSL, but is looking poised to return back to the top spot on the podium in Dota 2. The spot in Orange eSports is now up for grabs with the organization and team around MrGhost, Shuiyu, kiDDO` and Nick_Oks`in need for a strong carry player. 

Orange eSports Roster:

Malaysia MrGhost
Malaysia Shuiyu
Malaysia kiDDO`
Malaysia Nick_Oks`

Source: facebook.com

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