For.Love adds KingJ and Zippo

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KingJ and Zippo has officially joined For.Love after the departure of TuTu to Rattlesnake and their former captain, Banana, to TongFu. The team will debut their new roster tomorrow at the second phase of G-1 League against Chains Stack.

Just as the rumors stated, Sgamer reported today that For.Love has officially announced the addition of Xiong 'Zippo' Zhou and ex-DK player, Yang 'KingJ' Zhou.

The addition was made in response to last week's unofficial announcement of Bai 'TuTu' Fan and Jiao 'Banana' Wang departure from the team.

TuTu was last seen playing for Rattlesnake while Banana replaced LongDD in TongFu.

This addition came as quite a surprise considering Zippo and KingJ has not been heard in the competitive scene shortly after their stint in The International 2.

During The International 2, Zippo was playing for DK which came up short of the grand final and finished fourth in the annual event. Despite winning $80,000, Zippo took a huge portion of the blame game and ultimately left the team in place for Yi 'QQQ' Yao and Zeng Rong 'Dai' Lei.

At the same time, KingJ joined EHOME prior to The International 2 in hopes to improve their standings from TI1. However, they fell short to the eventual winner of TI2, Invictus Gaming, and shared fifth place with Zenith. EHOME disbanded shortly afterwards.

For.Love will debut their new roster tomorrow at the second phase of G-1 Asia qualifier against mixed SEA team, Chains Stack.

For.Love team roster:

China Han Ci 'Hanci' Huang
China Hao Hao '8gk' Zhang
China Hou Yi 'You' Yang
China Yang 'KingJ' Zhou
China Xiong 'Zippo' Zhou

Source: Sgamer
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