Na'Vi and aL to lead group C

General Sovann “Skim” Kim

The second day of the EMS One Spring group tage has concluded and Liquid goes down 0-3, whereas Na'Vi and aL place at the top due to better timerating.

Na'Vi and Team Liquid were the definite favorites of this group and to most fans it was just a matter of who will take the group's lead. The playday however started with a big bang when Absolute Legends brought down Na'Vi in a convincing fashion and Kaipi knocked out Liquid.

The Americans were forced into an all deciding game against Na'Vi after having lost against aL, whereas the Ukrainians succeeded over Kaipi. Liquid however failed to deliver and did not manage to score one win.

Kaipi won against Absolute Legends and forced out a three-way-tie with time-rating giving the edge to Na'Vi and aL.

This means that Na'Vi and aL will be heading to Poland, following mousesports and Fnatic who took the lead in group A yesterday. The LAN finals will be held on the 20th April - 21st April.

The next playday is scheduled for the 25th March with group D. The three big Russian powerhouses in RoX.KIS, Empire and will fight it out, joined by the American underdog Eosin+4.

Group D

Check link for brackets, VODs and full standings
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