GEST - IDC DotA to start this Saturday

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Contrary to the belief that the Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament (GEST) will only have a Dota 2 tournament this year, a WC3 DotA tournament is also bound to happen and it will start soon. GEST - IDC DotA will start its 2013 campaign this coming Saturday, 16 March at 1200 SGT. High-level matches and non-stop action are still expected for the game, and the notable difference is that there are much fewer teams participating this year. From the 20 teams per leg last month, the first tournament of the new season only showcases eight teams. The national PCG qualifiers was also scrapped from the format, and now the tournament only hosts offline GMPGL qualifiers. At the moment, only four SEA countries were able to hold that qualifier. The organizers are still looking for partners who can help them on this matter. The games will still be played via the PlayCyberGames client.

Participating teams:
Cambodia CA_HSM 

Laos Avenger
Thailand Mith.Trust
Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE
Philippines Izone.GIGABYTE
Philippines Pacific.Revitalize
Philippines Noypi
Philippines B1 HG

The teams will compete on a double-elimination, Bo1 tournament. Pacific.Revitalize, then known as Pacific.Palit, won the last leg of GEST 2012. That tournament was held 2-3 February, 2013.

Source: GEST - IDC