Stalk leaves eL.Pride

General Loh Zhun Yew “Cookies326”
Merely a month after losing one of their core players, Vigoss, eL.Pride has to take another hit. This time, Russian player Stalk leaves the team.

StarLadder reports that Alexandr 'Stalk' Melder leaves eL.Pride with internal issues being the main reason. eL.Pride has been struggling for quite some time and this is yet another setback for the Russians.

This leaves the team with only three official members, seeing as Seraphim 'L0like_O' Saveliev has yet to be named as an official member. They are currently participating in, although their chances on placing under the top four are looking dim.

Statement by Stalk:
"Due to the personal disagreements and not right team relations, I decided that it would be easier to leave the team than sort things out."
Statement by AndriodP:
"We were not on together with Stalk. It felt like everything was going fine, but when we switched to online training after bootcamp, we became hot-tempered. That's why we quarelled. Massacre has been captaining at drafting for 2 months, now I even don't know who to invite. We have some options and we will try them out now."

Translated by Ilya 'ingik' Bogatirev.

The team has been around for the past months, without success in bigger tournaments. Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev leaving the team hit the team hard and they have tried a few stand-ins since, but Seraphim 'L0like_O' Saveliev has shown the most promising performances. Nevertheless, the team lacked results and this roster change might give them the necessary boost.

Current eL.Pride roster:

Russia Andrew 'androidP' Pishikov
Russia Leonard 'Massacre' Urih
Russia Eugen 'XaKoH" Kochetkov
Russia Seraphim 'L0like_O' Saveliev (stand-in)