WePlay presents Na'Vi vs. EG showmatch

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WePlay released a press release today revealing another eight invited teams to the season one of their tournament while introducing a showmatch between Na'Vi and EG on Sunday.

WePlay has announced a best-of-five showmatch between Na'Vi and EG in both teams will be paid $250 to play and the winner will be walking away with an extra $500.

The showmatch will be played on Sunday although the time has not been specified.

Besides that, WePlay has added eight other teams to their invited list for the season one of WePlay Dota 2 Tournament bringing up the total of invited teams to 16 teams - eight short of their initial projection of 24.

Four teams - two from EU and two from NA have also qualified for the tournament.

Invited teams

Ukraine Na`Vi
Russia Virtus.Pro
Russia Team Empire
Sweden NoTideHunter
Europe Fnatic.EU
United States Team Liquid
United States Evil Geniuses
United States Dignitas
Europe KP
Russia 3D!Clan
Sweden TCM-gaming
Russia eL.Pride
Peru Gamer University
Russia TheRetry
Belarus PowerRangers
Russia Rox.Kis

Qualified teams

United States Fnatic.na
Belarus iCCup
Finland rat in the dark
United States Split Push Fail

WePlay will be hosting another open qualifier called the "Last Chance" which is suppose to be the final qualifier before the main event begins.

Last Chance will be played throughout the weekend and features a best-of-one format to a best-of-three semi-finals and grand final.

The winner of the qualifier will be included into WePlay's main event which is estimated to be starting soon. No specific date is given as to when the tourney will begin.

You can register your team here.

All the games will be casted live by BeyondTheSummit.

Source: WePlay