GEST Season 1 To Culminate this Weekend

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The final installment of the first season of Gigabyte eSport Tournament (GEST) is ready, and the teams on this leg have been distributed on their respective groups. It will happen on the 2nd and 3rd of February. After being off for 2 months (December and January), GEST seeks to finish big with their February leg. The groups to watch out for are Group C and D where both groups are stacked with great teams. While the Philippine teams are always abundant in GEST (6 this month), it is notable that Indonesia (4), Cambodia (3) and Myanmar (2) have multiple representatives as well. Those number of teams on the latter 3 countries are all GEST-highs, in terms of number of participants. Orange, Skynet and PokerStar were removed from this leg because they were no-shows on the last one.

GEST November Groups
Group AGroup B
Indonesia PhoenixThailand iDeal.GIGABYTE
Philippines WrathOfOlympusIndonesia deperruku
Philippines TnC GamingMyanmar NeoES-G7
Indonesia Bocah saktiPhilippines Pacific.Palit
Vietnam BFFMyanmar Global
Group CGroup D
Malaysia Invasion.GIGABYTEThailand Neolution
Philippines NoypiCambodia SVR_Es
Philippines Pacific.eMaxxPhilippines iZone.GIGABYTE
Cambodia CA_HSMIndonesia eNcy
Cambodia iOPhilippines Notorious-MS
As usual for Gigabyte eSport Tournaments, group phase will be completed on Saturday. Only the first three teams of each group are promoted to the playoffs. The playoffs will be single elimination with the group winners already in the round of eight.
1st Place - US$1,500
2nd Place - US$700
3rd Place - US$300
A second season is also expected come March 2013.
GEST February Schedule
Group phase2 Feb, 13:00 SGT
Tiebreaker (if necessary)2 Feb, 19:30 SGT
Playoff relegation3 Feb, 13:00 SGT (tentative)
Round of 83 Feb, 14:30 SGT (tentative)
Semi final3 Feb, 16:00 SGT (tentative)
3rd place decider3 Feb, 17:30 SGT (tentative)
Grand final3 Feb, 19:00 SGT (tentative)
More information: GEST January