Svenhunterz picked up by TCM-Gaming

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
The Swedish team that emerged from Fubar and evo has now been picked up by TCM-Gaming. This is the organization's first step into the Dota 2 scene.

Svenhunterz found themselves a new sponsor in TCM-Gaming. The Swedish mix has played together ever since former evo and Fubar dissolved and emerged into a new team. Even though they dropped out of The Defense, they have put up impressive perfomances and shown potential - enough to convince TCM-Gaming to pick them up and make their first steps into the Dota 2 scene with this team.

Statement by Jim Maguire, Co-Owner of TCM-Gaming:

"We are pleased to announce that the team formally known as Svenhunterz will be representing the TCM-Gaming brand for Dota2. This is the first time we have supported Dota2 but have been watching the scene closely and we believe we have found a team that has the drive and motivation to reach the very top of the scene.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Björn 'QuiX’ Grandstrom, Tobi 'GoAudio' Strand, Felix 'Chw' Ehrlund, Marcus 'Werne' Werneskog, Gustav 'BlueberryNinja’ Arnstedt and Andreas ’S1lv3r' Neumeister as team coach."

Statement by Andy 'S1lv3r' Neumeister,
Dota2 Manager of TCM-Gaming:

"We are very happy to announce that we are getting picked up by TCM-Gaming. They are an organisation that works close together with their teams and they have a lot of experience in supporting teams. TCM-Gaming is a very professional organisation to work with, they know exactly what they want and they respect our goals for the future and even go a step further by supporting us in reaching those goals.

We have been looking for an organization for quite some time, especially one that has the same goals like we do and that wants to grow with us as a team, and finally found them in TCM-Gaming. I want to thank my players for always giving their best, pedda and TCM-Gaming for going into the future with us."

Statement by Tobi 'GoAudio' Strand,
captain of TCM-Gaming Dota2:

"I'm just so happy that hard work and dedication gets you somewhere, and that's also what will drive you even further. I'm really happy that Svenhunterz will now be known as TCM-Gaming. I think this will motivate us to work even harder and do even better in the future. I also want to thank TCM for believing in us and also to our loyal fans, thanks for cheering for us, I really appreciate it."

TCM-Gaming Dota2:

Sweden Tobi 'GoAudio' Strand
Sweden Gustav 'BlueberryNinja' Arnstedt
Sweden Marcus 'Werne' Werneskog
Sweden Björn 'Quix-' Granström
Sweden Felix 'chw' Ehrlund

Sources: TCM-Gaming