ACL and Hyperion University trying to make eSport official sport in Romania

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Arena Cyber League and Hyperion University team up to make the steps necessary to make eSports an official sport recognized by the Romanian government.

The Romanian eSports organisation Arena Cyber League has found a partner in the Hyperion University of Bucharest to pursue the goal of convincing the Romanian government to recognize eSports as a legitimate sport. The cooperation between the eSports league and the university is a first step in order reach that goal.

eSports has been recognized as a sport in Romania's neighbor country Bulgaria and several Asian countries. Recognition as a national sport can be important for funding, visa, legal work and public relations for eSport organisations and players.

As a first step towards reaching that goal of recognition, the ACL and Hyperion University will host a series of eSports tournaments for the university's students. The synergy between the league and university comes from Hyperion offering classes like software development and game design. "Hopefully, with Arena Cyber League's help, the students of today, may become the game developers of tomorrow," the press release of ACL and Hyperion says.

A further step would be host a whole eSports season with tournaments in the four games Starcraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike 1.6. The finals of those tournaments would then be broadcasted on Romanian television. By now, ACL is already contributing to a weekly gaming show called 'Inside Game' on Romanian television 6TV. The show started in October and provides more than 40 minutes of gaming content.

Source: Arena Cyber League