Avaton 14 this Sunday

General Marius “LML” Z
After almost 3 years the Avaton series comes back with its 14th edition. This series features maps made by the folks over at broodwarmaps.net.

It's been close to 3 years that we've last given you an edition of the Avaton series, a series that focuses on the foreign mapping scene over at broodwarmaps.net.
After BWMN released a new map pack last week we will give you the chance to try out these maps with other players this upcoming Sunday, October 21, 2012, at 19CET.
The tournament is for you to find some people to try these maps with and enjoy an evening of StarCraft.

If you're interested in participating you can sign up now. You can log in with your GosuGamers account, then add a gaming account for iCCup by clicking on "my profile" on the top right. Don't forget to check in, in order to play. The check in begins 60 minutes before the tournament starts, so at 18CET.
Up to 16 players can participate and the first three rounds are best of 3, while the final is a best of 5.
The first map for each round is set and after that the loser picks from the map pool, which includes the 6 BMWN maps, which can be downloaded here. It includes a melee aswell as an observer version and a picture of each map.

Casters who are interested in covering this please send a PM to LML.

play.gosugamers.net - Sign up and check in
gosugamers.net - News about the maps
dropbox.com - Download the mappack