The wait is over - $330,000 HoN Tour announced!

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"Soon is finally here!". S2 Games has announced HoN Tour, a multi-event tournament series open to players of all skill levels that will be placed in one of the four divisions and a total cash prize pool of over $330,000!

HoN Tour will span over a period of seven months, from October 2012. to April 2013., kicking off with a placement qualifier that will seed teams into one of the four divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond.

The Qualifier is an open bracket, double-elimination tournament featuring a $10,000 prize pool and running from October 20th to November 4th.

112 teams that perform best in the Qualifier will be placed into the top three divisions (16 teams in Diamond, 32 teams in Gold, 64 teams in Silver), while the rest will be placed into the Bronze division.

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After the qualifier, the tournament continues with eight Event Cycles happening every two weeks with competitors moving up or dropping down in divisions based on their performances during one of those cycles. At the end of each nine-day Event Cycle, a total of 112 teams from the four divisions will receive their share of a $32,950 cash prize pool.

As the Grand Finale of the entire first season of HoN Tour, four teams will battle it out at an undisclosed location for another $60,000 cash prize pool!

The Qualifier

- Double elimination format
- October 20th to November 4th
- Will place teams into one of the four divisions based on performance in it
- $10,000 prize pool

Event Cycles

- 4 Divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond
- Every cycle lasts 9 days, from Saturday to next Sunday
- Teams move up and down in divisions at the end of each Event Cycle
- $32,950 to 112 teams at the end of each Event Cycle

Live Grand Finals

- 3 teams with most "HoN Tour Points" collected throughout the season
- 4th team from an 8 team playoff
- Live LAN finals at an undisclosed location
- $60,000 prize pool

HoN Tour Official Website
HoN Tour Information (Format, Prizing,...)
HoN Tour Announcement Video

The big focus for S2 Games was to make HoN Tour available to players from all tiers of skill level, from the absolute beginners to professionals.

"The community is always our focus with Heroes of Newerth, and we wanted HoN Tour to be a tournament series that offers players at all levels a chance to win,” said S2 Games co-founder and CEO, Marc DeForest. “HoN Tour revolutionizes eSports by providing competitive gamers of every skill level with consistent and frequent events that automatically place players in appropriate skill divisions."

"With this tournament structure, even beginner teams have a chance to win part of the HoN Tour prize pool. This is a great opportunity for new competitors to establish themselves in eSports, and we’re really excited to see what new teams and personalities emerge.", added Sam Braithwaite, HoN Competitive Commissioner.

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