Redemption Finals: coL takes home the next big tournament

General Sören “Fantasy44” V.
The dust has already settled over the battlefield from the Redemption tournament, but the noise made by compLexity Gaming's complete domination is still echoing through the community.

The goal and target of Trademark eSports has failed - for now. The team that went through a little bit of alteration after taking second place in the DreamHon Online Summer Championship, once again met their masters in compLexity Gaming. The North American team with Drafter and Captain bkid and the top farmer of the tournament in Haxxeren just marched over the European team.

The final was scheduled for a full Best-of-Three without any advantage from the Winner Bracket, but the expected long night of HoN action was cut short by coL to only three games. On those three games coL demonstrated their force, their clear domination and their outstanding skill in the current state of the scene.

For tdM it was the second tournament in a row where they were the only team that could even compete with compLexity, the only team that forced coL to drop a map in the tournament. Still the goal for the team was to overtake the reign of compLexity, but so far the kings have successfully defended their throne.

The rivalry between those two teams will continue, but the DreamHon tournament series will continue without them, as they are ineligible to compete in the Destination tournament that is coming up. Still both teams will most likely square off again in Sweden and probably in several online tournaments before that.

For the rest of the competitive HoN scene the sprint for the last three remaining international DreamHon tickets is on, as it is the last straw for many talented teams like Tt eSports or QsQ357 are still out there.

DreamHon Redemption Champions: United States compLexity Gaming

United States bkid
United States Franzzii
Singapore MoonMeander
Denmark Haxxeren
Sweden Chessie

Final Standings:
1. Place: United States compLexity Gaming - $4.000 USD
2. Place: Europe Trademark eSports - $2,500 USD + $4,000 USD Travel Stipend
3. Place: United States Tt eSports - $500 USD
4. Place: Europe QsQ357
Sören “Fantasy44” V.
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