Redemption Playoffs: The fall, the rise, the ticket

General Sören “Fantasy44” V.
A very long evening for Trademark eSports turned into a evening of success, as the European team secured their DreamHack Winter 2012 ticket. Two full Best-of-Three series had to be played for them to move into the Grand Final.

Initially the evening did not start promisingly, as Trademark eSports had to fight against their nemesis compLexity Gaming, trying to kick them off the throne. The kings survived though, even after losing the first game of that series rather decisively to tdM. coL showed the resilience and class from the last couple of months in their impressive return in game two and three. Game Three actually was something like their masterpiece as they played very well and left Trademark eSports no chance. Therefore the North American organization was advancing into the DreamHon Redemption Grand Finale, after claiming the title - and the ticket for that matter - in the DreamHon Online Summer Championship.

The night was over for coL in terms of tournament play, but tdM had to take an encore in order to advance into the DreamHon Redemption Grand Final. Since coL already had the seed in the DreamHon Winter event, the clash between Tt eSports and Trademark eSports in the Consolation Final actually decided who will get to travel to DreamHack Winter 2012 to represent their sponsor and play on the biggest Heroes of Newerth stage in Jönköping.

Both teams, tdM and TteS, definitely knew the importance of the game since the last series developed rather slowly, with both teams feeling their opponent out and playing very carefully. The highlight of that careful and conservative play was Game Two of this series, as it turned into an epic 90 minute game, featuring items like Restoration Stone, Doombringer, Harkon's Blade, Genjuro, several Bananas and a Symbol of Rage.

The third game then got a lot more action packed with heroes like Pebbles, Bubbles, Tundra, Fayde and Pestilence playing a major role in the lineups. Ultimately very smart initiation from Mynuts, playing Magmus, superior farm on noobG, playing Forsaken Archer, and great team fight coordination from Trademark eSports sealed the deal and give them the ultimate shoot at Redemption. One more round with compLexity Gaming.
Sören “Fantasy44” V.
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